Friday, 8 June 2018

15mm Sudan. Mahdists vs British and Egyptians

Bit of a change for the gaming table today. Last weekend I found a box of Sudan British that I'd painted but hadn't got round to basing. Feeling a bit inspired I decided to get everything out and see what it was like in full battle array so to speak.

They're all 15mm, so give a nice sense of mass. I'm quite pleased with myself in having painted so many over the years to give myself two completed opposing armies. Too often I've pushed myself too hard on a project and jacked it in part way through. The fact that I've done well with these I think is because I've limited myself to finishing just a handful at a time. 

The models are mainly Old Glory and Peter Pig. Usually two ranges that don't mix very well size-wise, but are fine kept in separate units.

The buildings are Timecast I think, and the desert battle may is by Deep Cut Studios.

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