Friday, 4 March 2016

Wellington in India - 28mm Redoubt Miniatures

These are a painting commission, but I thought I'd just share them here. It's the beginnings of two Native units for a 'Wellington in India' collection. Here they are in their colourful finery, ready to give some trouble to the young Arthur Wellesley.

I started these with a grey spray primer, then did a base coat of GW Averland Sunset for the coats. This is ideal for a dull yellow on which you can build further highlights. It still takes a couple of layers in order to stop the underneath/primer showing through, but once you've got a solid enough coverage you can add a 3/4 mix of Vallejo Flat Yellow and White. In my experience this really makes the colour 'pop'.

The skin I did with Vallejo Cavalry Brown, then highlighted half-and-half with Cav Brown and White. The Turbans and sashes were Carmine Red, inkwashed with Agrax Earthshade then highlighted with Carmine Red again (I sometimes prefer this rather than mixing red with white - which can give too much of a pink).

The models themselves are good to paint. They remind me a lot of AW Miniatures, in that they give nice bold surface areas on which to build up layers and create shadow.


  1. Great looking figures. This was a project I had once thought of getting into - looking at all the cool line drawings in the Redoubt catalog.

  2. Nicely done, great colors!

  3. Matt's painting will be on show at Carronade in May as the figures are for our Demo game of the Battle of Assaye (Westerhope Wargames). Matt has done a great job on them and I cant wait to get them based and on the table for a run through. Thanks Matt, hope you don't mind me mentioning this here! Dave H.