Tuesday, 9 February 2016

28mm Warlord WW2 Italian Paratroopers

Updates have been slow due to a busy work and painting schedule. Anyway, enough of the excuses. Here's some of the fruits of my labour. Some nice 28mm Italian Paratroopers! I've taken the plunge back into WW2 skirmish games after selling off my old collection of 20mm. As much as they served me well I never thought they could compete in sheer detail when compared to Warlord and Perrys figures.

I chose the Italian Paras because of their interesting history. They were some of the remaining units to fight on behalf of Mussolini's Italian Social Republic after the Italian surrender, and required a fierce reputation which later had them formally accepted into the German Fallschirmjager. I'm hoping sometime later in the year to do an Anzio game and maybe some Anti-Partisan actions (using my newly converted train - more on that later).

If you're thinking of collecting an Italian army then these are an ideal place to start. Especially if you want to keep your collection firmly in the European theatre (the desert campaigns are great to game but I don't fancy collecting the whole of my British, German and Italian armies again in desert uniforms etc). The Warlord metal boxed set is partly featured in the photo above, and along with these you get a light mortar team and sniper squad.

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  1. Great looking figures. The Alpini and Bersaglieri can also make some very distinctive additions to your army.