Saturday, 14 November 2015

This Happened......


Recently I got myself into a right old muddle. The "old" here being the wonderful thriving retro community that is Oldhammer. It began with a trip to my parent's house to clear out a spare room where I came across a handful of 1980's Citadel Dwarves. These were the remainder of what was a sizeable collection of Warhammer stuff from my schooldays - essentially something that led to my Historical Wargaming as an adult.

I decided that the lonesome figure from a Dwarf Cannon Crew would appreciate some mates and the original gun. It also seemed like a fun Xmas project away from Camouflage schemes or Napoleonic uniforms. Finally I came across my sought after cannon after a couple of days trawling Ebay (it was decent 'low' price so no worries there). But this also influenced me to look for other classic gems from my youthful Fantasy gaming past and I ended up chatting for a while on the Oldhammer forum.

So anyway, flush with nostalgia and inspired by some of the stunning paintwork that the Oldhammerers are displaying on these figures that are sometimes over 30 years past I ended up purchasing a WHFB Second edition ruleset, The McDeath Campaign box, some Citadel Journals and old WD's. Again, it didn't break the bank and something else that impressed was how well preserved some of these items are! The Ruleset was in Near Mint condition with all the inserts, flyers etc. A really lovely purchase.

The Second Edition was our preference back in the day and lasted us through many fun summer holidays of mass battling. I also recall us doing "Blood Bath at Orc's Drift" across my mate's living room floor. So it seems natural to begin with that.

Consequently, my partner has had to put up with me sat on the sofa for several evenings occasionally waving an advert for something like Aly Morrison's Hobgoblin's going "LOOK!! I used to have these!!". Although she does have more tolerance for Dragons, Elves and the like after she admitted the other day that my Napoleonics are "a bit boring" (outrageous!!).

I wonder what she'll say when my order of an Orc Army from Black Tree Design turns up? :)

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