Friday, 4 July 2014

28mm Knights Hospitaller

These are Conquest Games Norman Knights (plastics). I've added some cloaks using Green Stuff after feeling somewhat inspired by David Thewlis' character in the film 'Kingdom of Heaven' (historically awful but some nice scenes). I intended to paint them in quite dull colours that would reflect their modest existence, as compared to their Knights Templar compatriots. I read somewhere in the Asbridge books that during the Crusades many of the military orders looked incredibly filthy with long beards and filthy clothing, which was a reflection of the rigors of the campaigns they'd embarked upon.

I'm still excited for the upcoming 'Crescent and Cross' game from Tomahawk Studios, as the previous games like Saga and Muskets and Tomahawks have been great fun to play. The Crusades also provide loads of opportunities for small, very bloody, skirmish actions which would be well suited for these rules. Maybe a foraging expedition taken on by a group of knights and followers falling foul of an Arab Emir and his band of mounted archers, or the search for a holy relic or two!


  1. Great looking cav - man, black must've gotten really hot in the desert!