Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Prince Jérôme Bonaparte - 28mm Perry Miniatures

Prince Jerome command figure from Perry Miniatures. I decided to paint him in one of his white uniforms rather than the standard French Campaign dress. He was notoriously flamboyant, and as many already know, was chastised by his brother the Emperor for insisting on travelling "in State" with his entire court at the beginning of the Russian Campaign. He'll be great to use on the table when we play Waterloo again.


  1. Great figure, I have Jerome next up to paint for a French divisional command stand. I did not realize about the white uniform, I will definitely paint mine in a similar fashion.



  2. Nice work; he reminds me of Murat! Best, Dean

  3. Coming along nicely, Nap was such a fashion nazi!

  4. Thanks guys. Dean, yes from what I've been reading he was definitely up there with Joachim Murat for extravagant lifestyles!