Thursday, 14 June 2012

Napoleon's Red Lancers 28mm Perry Miniatures.

The finished squadron of Napoleon's Red Lancers. Led by the near indestructible General Colbert. All 28mm Perry's Miniatures. Apparently the drawn sword troopers were the second line. As mentioned I bought these as an unpainted set from Triples at the bring and buy for twenty quid (wargaming on a budget is definitely the order of the day). The Fanions are temporary paper and ink jobs I knocked up myself (and it shows). I guess they'll do for the table top anyway. I noticed Dean at WAB Corner is currently doing some of the Front Rank Red Lancers right now and they look great, so head over to his blog and take a look. He opted for the red undercoat which was a good move, as my black primer took a while to paint over and made the uniforms look slightly darker.


  1. These look great! Thanks for the plug for the Front Rank guys I'm working on. The two makes look pretty compatible. I will definitely be adding highlights to the red on my guys - your red really pops! Great job. Dean

  2. I like them... The red is very lively IMHO! They could just use a little shadind, but that could be the photos.

  3. Beautiful work sir. This really gets me excited about my own Perry lancers. Thank you for the inspiration. I can't wait for my own to finish!