Sunday, 30 January 2011

A Few Mutinous Sepoys!

Indian mutineers by Foundry miniatures. This is the first batch of Sepoys to come off the painting table. I used a black undercoat and then a light grey basecoat for the jackets, because I wanted to avoid having to do several layers of Red over a dark base. Very pleased with the results. As I'm considering quite a few of these chaps taking to the field along with their Indian warrior friends I'm looking at picking up a few Mutineer Miniatures models to provide a variation of poses (noticed they also do some very nice Sepoy standard bearers!).
I've grabbed a copy of 'In the Heart of Africa' by Chris Peers for a ruleset, alongside the Edinburgh Wargames 'In the Heart of India' playsheets.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Indian Mutiny Elephant with Limber

This is an elephant from the Foundry Miniatures Indian Mutiny range. It comes with one rider, two guides (in red) and a limber. I've also purchased a siege cannon which it'll soon be pulling along once I've completed it. I looked through the internet to find suitable colours for the hide. Mostly they're described as a dusky green/brown, so I mixed Vallejo German Cam Medium Brown with some US Olive Drab. I then highlighted it by adding a slight drop of white to every subsequent layer. I also found a few internet photos of elephant eyes. It appears they have quite a large iris, usually brown or grey on occasion. I've used a gloss varnish on my Mutiny figures, mainly because they'll see a lot of handling as individual skirmish models, and I didn't want to keep having to re-touch the paint jobs.