Thursday, 13 January 2011

Indian Mutiny Elephant with Limber

This is an elephant from the Foundry Miniatures Indian Mutiny range. It comes with one rider, two guides (in red) and a limber. I've also purchased a siege cannon which it'll soon be pulling along once I've completed it. I looked through the internet to find suitable colours for the hide. Mostly they're described as a dusky green/brown, so I mixed Vallejo German Cam Medium Brown with some US Olive Drab. I then highlighted it by adding a slight drop of white to every subsequent layer. I also found a few internet photos of elephant eyes. It appears they have quite a large iris, usually brown or grey on occasion. I've used a gloss varnish on my Mutiny figures, mainly because they'll see a lot of handling as individual skirmish models, and I didn't want to keep having to re-touch the paint jobs.

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