Thursday, 2 December 2010

Foundry Miniatures 'Indian Mutiny' models

I recently attended the Foundry Miniatures open day where I picked up around 40 of these Indian Warriors for a bargain price. Above are the first three to come off the painting table. A warrior commander and his two followers. They're nice models and have proved to be quick and easy to paint. I've gone for a black undercoat this time, with a flat colour and one highlight. I like the variation in dress and makes a change from batch painting all those French Napoleonics.

I also bought the Foundry sourcebook 'The British in India' (slightly dented copy for a pound!). Great reading and quite invaluable as I'm a newcomer to that period. I likewise purchased some British Infantry in Airpipe Helmets, plus some in flannel shirts. I'm assuming from the source text that British dress and headgear could be quite varied. Hopefully I'll be able to field these two units alongside each other without being too historically inaccurate? If anyone knows any different then please feel free to comment.

I'm also thinking of buying the 'Sharp Practice' rules. I played these with an Indian Mutiny scenario when I first joined the local wargames club and thoroughly enjoyed it. As yet I haven't come across any other skirmish type rulesets for 28mm Indian Mutiny, but again if anyone can suggest any I'll definitely check them out.


  1. Hello Matt,
    I am no expert on this period, but have done a little digging mainly to get correct colours for the Cameron highlanders.
    This might help you?

    Any other questions ask away. Michael

  2. Thanks Michael. The link was really helpful. I also noticed their Sikh infantry range which are very nice!