Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Update 28mm Goth Warband

 I managed a fair bit of painting last weekend and completed a few more figures for my Goth and Late Roman Army. The Goth warband has been loads of fun. If you saw the previous update it's comprised of parts from the following plastic sets: Gripping Beast Dark Age warriors, Late Roman Light Cavalry (the heads and shields), Victrix Germanic warriors, Vikings and GB Goth Noble Cavalry (heads and shields again)...oh and a couple of Warlord Celt warriors! I followed Simon MacDowall's advice in a Wargames Illustrated article about Goths having loads of looted Roman equipment etc.

Despite trying to restrain myself with my holiday bonus payment from work, I did have a splurge and bought some Osprey books along with a Warlord Greek Starter Army and some Spartans. Expect some photos in the New Year!