Friday, 7 February 2020

28mm Colonel John Frost WW2 using Contrast Paints

I have been dabbling with the Contrast paints again. Despite being highly sceptical at first they've now finally won me over. I think once you get used to them you can achieve some lovely effects in a very short space of time. Which is great if you have a huge lead mountain like I do. This Wargames illustrated Giants in Miniature character figure was completed in about 45 minutes. I'll try out some more figures in the coming days and post up the results.

For those interested. I used a combination of Instar and Games Workshop contrast paints. The full list is here:
GW Guilliman Flesh for the skin.
GW Agarros Dunes for the smock.
GW Snakebite Leather for the trousers and gun butt.
GW Creed Camo for the helmet, webbing, pouches and gaiters.
GW Black Templar for the gun and boots, chinstrap etc.
GW Creed Camo and Militarum Green 50/50 mix (or Instar Forest Green) for the camo splashes.
GW Wyldwood for the camo splashes.