Friday, 11 October 2019

28mm Victrix Celt Chariot

One of the new 28mm Victrix Celt Chariots. Finished today. Bit of a rushed paint job, but I'm happy with it. The detailing on these figures are immense (check out the new Vikings range and compare them to the plastic Gripping Beast ones. Not knocking the latter of course).

Each Chariot pack comes as a set of three, so I'm really looking forward to painting the rest!


  1. I found the charioteer a bit of a bugger to position correctly, but like you I thought the Victrix scuplts were first class. Are you going to other with the rest of the reins?

    1. Just assembled the second chariot. I've gone with the second set of reins which were definitely a bit more fiddly to place in position. Also decided on the female rider waving a severed head around!