Sunday, 13 May 2018

Wars of the Roses, Earl of Warwick Retinue 28mm.

I had a painting commission for some 28mm Perry Miniatures Wars of the Roses, and found myself with some leftover figures. This prompted an eBay search and the purchase of  three hundred assembled but unpainted plastics for the meagre sum of seventy quid. I decided this would be my 2018 project, plus I could fit it in with the customer's requirement of different WotR retinues. Followers of this blog may recall that I had some lovely Perry's Plastics a few years back which attracted the eye of Wargames Illustrated. It also attracted a buyer who gave me what I considered a silly amount of money for them. That said, there's part of me that wished I'd never sold the collection.

Anyway, it turned out to take a lot longer to begin this project due to my health issue and being parked on the sofa with a hot water bottle stuck to my stomach whilst staring at the ceiling. Luckily the worst is now passed and I'm back into a regular routine of painting and being upright again.

I decided to base them for the Hail Caesar! ruleset and the middle ages supplement. They're going to be an average retinue size of forty figures, archers on the wings with three per 4cm x 4cm base (to give a loose formation) and then the centre consisting of men at arms (four figures per 4cm x 4cm base) and one base of foot knights/command.

The command base with standard will be interchangeable, which is why I didn't apply any heraldic badges on the figures. For instance it means I can swap the standard of Edward IV for Richard Duke of York as both retinues had the same livery colours.