Friday, 30 March 2018

Bolt Action and a long overdue blog update!

I haven't updated the blog in many months, mainly due to my ongoing health problem. It had made painting a bit difficult, but now thankfully having had some time off work I'm feeling much better. The other day I decided to celebrate by getting out my Bolt Action Germans and US Infantry. I'd picked up a copy of the second edition rules and wanted to run through them. My work mate had intended to drop by and have a game but the weather that weekend was absolutely atrocious so I thought I'd lay everything out and take some photos (with my new camera! At last! No crappy phone photos!!).

 On top of this I also threw caution to the wind and entered a local Bolt Action tournament that's coming up in a few months. Sheer folly, as I don't usually do well at these things. At least it will inspire me to paint up an army or two, and get some more games in at the club.
 The buildings here are all Sarissa. I wanted to paint them to look heavily damaged, rather than leaving the bare mdf. They are situated on a battlefield after all. I managed this by spraying the models whilst still in the frames, then putting them together and smearing some old used cloths over them that I'd normally use for cleaning brushes.
 The foliage for the hedges etc was railway model litchen, and this stuff from the Easter section in poundstretcher and called "Easter Moss" - one pound a bag, and normally used in crafts to decorate Easter egg nests.
 Anyway, I've got a few other things in the pipeline which I'll post up when I can. Including some painting commissions that are long overdue!

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