Wednesday, 7 June 2017

2mm Wargaming? Madness!!!

That isn't a typo by the way, I really do mean 2mm!!

I happened to pick up the latest edition of Wargames Soldiers and Strategy this month and spotted Mark Backhouse's excellent "Siege of Portsmouth" ECW game in 2mm. In fact I kept the magazine on me for about a week and couldn't help referring back to it. "Does this work?" "Will it be just like pushing blobs around a board?" And most importantly "Can I sell this to the guys at the club, or will I be left a sad loner playing (*cough*) with himself?".

After some web research I discovered that there are in fact quite a few exponents of this scale of atomic level wargaming. They say it's not so much about dotting buttons and painting moustaches on those cheeky 28mm figs, but it's more to do with a broader view of a battlefield. In fact I agree, many of the photos of ACW and TYW era games really do lend themselves to what appears as an epic clash of arms. In some cases you can have every regiment represented on the table.

As for 'blobs' of metal, Irregular have units of ECW where you can see some fantastic detail. The command figures are easily discernable, with raised swords and other gestures.

The other things are price and painting time: £12.50 from Irregular miniatures for a big army pack of over 100 stands. The painting time for twenty ECW regiments yesterday was just under an hour. That's almost the entire parliamentarian infantry present at Marston Moor!

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