Monday, 13 April 2015

10mm Pendraken Arab-Israeli

I've just completed a painting commission for my mate Chris, a member of our local club who's been putting on most of our modern games. I was daunted at first because I've never considered my painting abilities sufficient for anyone to actually pay for it. Although my confidence received a boost after Wargames Illustrated asked me to do some of their medieval figures a while back.

For Chris' job he wanted all the Jordanian Infantry painted in British Uniforms (primarily because Britain provided them with much of their kit and vehicles). The armour painting was taken from various Osprey books and also W.I magazine articles covering the Six Day War.

You may also see a line of 10mm WW2 German 105mm and 75mm SPG's in the picture too (and a 15mm Napoleonic Command stand!). These were in amongst the painting pile along with the rest.

Pendraken is always great to paint. Nice detail and doesn't take long to complete. The whole lot here took around 3 and half weeks in total.


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