Saturday, 17 January 2015

Lion Rampant Scenario #2 - Burn the Town!

The layout of the board is the same as the picture below (6ft by 4ft). This is looking North with the town placed on the Western side straddling a stream and woods toward the South. The road crosses Northeast to West.

The aim of the attacker is simply to destroy the town whilst the defenders have to stop them. Retinues start anywhere within 6" of the table edge.

Attackers start on the Eastern edge, defenders start anywhere on the Western edge.

The Retinues.

Choose 24 points per side. In the game we played, we had Early English as defenders, and Seljuk Turks attacking.


The stream and woods count as rough terrain, costing half movement. The buildings are classed as hard cover adding +2 to armour when occupied. The buildings cannot be occupied by mounted troops. The hills are gradual slopes, and do not effect movement.

Archers can use the woods to excellent advantage, especially against mounted troops!

Special Rules.

The attacking player has to designate two units as 'torch bearers'. They only exception being Mounted or Dismounted Men-at-Arms or similar. We had the idea that Knights probably wouldn't want to sully themselves with such things - better to leave it to the commoners! So, anything like bidowers, Spearmen, Yeomen infantry, even foot sergeants would be fine (you could maybe field a few figures actually carrying torches which would be a nice touch!). In our game the Turks had plenty of skirmish cavalry like horse archers, so these fitted perfectly. To start burning a wooden building requires an activation roll of 6+, burning a stone building requires 7+. All it takes is a single figure in base contact with the target. We didn't use any specific rules for putting out the fires, but the option is always there if you'd like to elaborate. We'd decided that once the fires were lit everyone would be too busy fighting anyway.

Fighting it out on the High Street.

The Seljuk Turks start a blaze at the Merchant's House!

Victory Points

Attackers earn 10 VP per building burnt, and 5 VP per enemy unit destroyed or routed off the board. Defenders earn 10 VP per building left at the end of the game, and 5 VP per enemy unit destroyed or routed off the table.


  1. Wonderful game - figures and terrain are great and the scenario well thought out. Nicely done!

  2. Great pictures and minis, love the archers...