Friday, 19 December 2014

Roger Mortimer's Retinue - 28mm Second Baron's War

Another batch of Baron's War figures. This time they're all Fireforge plastics, taken from the Templar Infantry boxed set. I like these because there's some real dynamic poses. I decided to paint them as Roger Mortimer's Retinue (De Montfort's nemesis on the Battlefield of Evesham), because I'd already got a number of Baronial rebels and thought it was about time to get some Royalists on the go. These particular figures won't be used at the Salute show and I'm instead doing them for a number of upcoming club games using the Lion Rampant rules.

As an interesting addition I've been watching "Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty - The Plantagenets" on Channel 5. It covered the Second Baron's War in an early episode and is a very good introduction to the period. Dan Brown (the author who presents it and whose book it is based on) seems to be receiving a lot of positive reviews, and I must say I enjoy his writing and presenting style. His latest book "The Wars of the Roses - The Hollow Crown" is perhaps one of the most accessible histories I've seen.


  1. Nice retinue; I'm waiting on a box of Fireforge Mounted MAA.

  2. Lovely work - I'm a fan of these plastics, must pick some up at some point :) I was trying to find that book you referenced (for an introduction to the period as you mention) - the author is actually Dan Jones :)