Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Victory Show, Cosby, Leicestershire 2014

Last weekend saw myself, my partner and my uncle venturing off to the Victory Show. Last time I went was a couple of years ago, and I'd been itching to get back there again. The turnout seemed very good (perhaps due to the anniversary of Arnhem and D-Day) and the weather couldn't have been better - I even got a touch of sunburn!

First stop was the trade stalls, and I could feel the strong urge to spend well over my set budget within five minutes. A vast array of deactivated weapons got me considering a few additions to the collection. In the end my partner stepped in with some well timed financial advice. But it didn't prevent me coming away with a lovely German Civilian Gas Mask in issue box and some Home Guard shoulder titles for a display I'm planning.

Next came a walk around the Arnhem re-enactors site. Really impressive stuff. Most were dug into the tree line overlooking a field, complete with slit trenches, radio sets etc. We then went to view the vehicles which included some awe inspiring half-tracks, a T34, a Panzer III and a StuG (above). It was also good to stand and chat to some of the people from the re-enactors groups, of which there was a huge array. I took a great photo of my girlfriend stood with three SS Panzergrenadier officers who looked the absolute business! Unfortunately she wouldn't let me post the picture up on the internet!

Finally special praise was reserved for the Air Show. The B25 Mitchell was marvellous as it banked and circled around. But the outstanding moment for me was watching the P51 Mustang. The guy flew low over the crowd several times before looping over and putting it into a steep dive - just so the engines gave out that slight whine - then vroom!! banking away again. I was just rooted to the spot! Absolutely immense day out and one I'd definitely recommend to others.

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  1. Great looking vehicles/aircraft - and uniforms/weapons.