Monday, 18 August 2014

Imperial War Museum Refurbishment

Many folks have probably noticed in the news that the Imperial War Museum in London has undergone a big refurbishment recently. Myself and my partner had the fortunate opportunity to drop down there last weekend (actually she went off to the Sherlock Holmes Museum and Disney Store with a mate, whilst me and my pal Doug went to the IWM!). Anyway, I was immediately struck by how extensive the revamp is. The entrance area is much more light and airy, whilst each individual exhibition has been expanded. The WW1 exhibit was rammed out with a long line of folks stretching round the main hall. I was probably the most impressed by the area now dedicated to the Holocaust. This part of the Museum now exerts the kind of powerful impact the subject deserves. Unfortunately I didn't realise that the area didn't allow photos until I stepped out, but I expect it's primarily to prevent the kind of inappropriate silly tourist photos that people take on occasion. I'd hope mine below at least influence more intelligent and serious people to visit the exhibition.

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