Monday, 5 May 2014

Lord Grand Prior's Regiment - 1690 Williamite Wars

I bought these figures from Reiver Castings at the York Wargames show and have only just got round to painting them. They're quite chunky and remind me a lot of Front Rank models. The red uniforms took a few layers (about three to four) as I've a habit of using black undercoat. I also took a slight liberty with historical accuracy and gave them some extra white trim in places, just to make them stand out a bit. I also purchased Barry Hilton's rather nice 'Beneath the Lily Banners' ruleset - we've used his Republic to Empire Napoleonic rules at the club for ages and they're quite a favourite. The extra figures I had left over from the Reiver purchase will likely go towards a Donnybrook skirmish game at some point in the future.


  1. nice job Matt - one of my fave units - hope they do you proud on the table

  2. Very nice!!!!! A great looking unit!