Thursday, 27 March 2014

28mm Westphalian Light Infantry

This month it was back onto the Napoleonics. I picked up these from the York show and someone's bits box. The guy sold me 24 unpainted figures for just £7, so I was determined to dig around for a complete regiment. I decided on Westphalians after reading a Wargames Illustrated article on them a few years back. Not the most excellent of troops to field, but they do look quite splendid! I was also pondering some French allied expansion after having so much fun with my Italian and Polish Brigades during our club games. The models themselves I'm told are old 28mm Essex (?). I particularly liked the wounded officer/standard bearer!

I also decided to concentrate on my bases a bit more (basing had usually been an afterthought in my earlier modelling exploits). The shrubbery was provided by Tajima from their excellent range on Ebay.

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  1. Great painting and these guys look awesome!