Friday, 10 January 2014

French Indian Wars - 28mm British Regulars

These chaps are from AW Miniatures. I picked a couple of their unit packs up from the Triples show last year. I was impressed with their prices, and the figures themselves are a nice chunky size. They were great to paint, plus seeing as we're using the Muskets and Tomahawks skirmish rules I don't have to paint up loads of them. For these I used a black undercoat with about two layers of Vallejo Flat Red then adding some white to highlight a third coat. Same approach again with the yellow cuffs and turnbacks. The AW range is really coming along and I noticed recently that they've just produced a range of British Grenadiers for FIW too.


  1. The grenadiers are very nice they have also released the French Marines too which I am painting up for their display

  2. Very nice - I will have to check out AW, new to me. Best, Dean

  3. Beautiful looking figures, great details!