Friday, 27 December 2013

20mm WW2 Russian Infantry.

From what I gather most of the Russian Infantry I bought from Colonel Bill's were Britannia Miniatures figures. Only a few quid for a bag of infantry and a mortar section, they were too good to turn down and will certainly feature again in our Bolt Action games next year. I particularly liked the wounded officer, so decided to stick him on a base with a map reading infantryman as though he were down but still shouting his orders. I painted a mix of Vallejo Russian Uniform, Khaki and some camo pattern smocks, to display the variation in supply that the Russians experienced in real life. I must say I really love painting 20mm Britannia stuff and can't help picking a few infantry and vehicles up when the opportunity arises.


  1. Nice use of the colors. You got the Russian look down. the hodge -podge of uniforms always make painting russkies fun. plus the aeomeba scheme is under used by us hobbiyists. awesome!

  2. The little guys came out great. I'm impressed when littler troops come out looking like 28's.