Friday, 6 September 2013

1866 Saxon Infantry - 10mm Pendraken.

The second of the Pendraken Army packs is almost complete. This time it's the 1866 Saxon Army, which during the campaign fought with great distinction. Again I had to spend a few nights trawling the internet for information on uniforms etc. It was suggested that the Saxon's wore a sort of Cornflour Blue, and whereas some collectors had satisfied themselves with (as I recall) the Foundry paint system which produces something akin to the Bavarian colour of uniform, I'd also heard some folks opting for a Vallejo middle blue. This seemed fine although with a highlight on top I was afraid of it appearing too much like sky blue. Hence I went for the Vallejo dark blue and highlighted from there. The photo only shows the infantry minus their command stands because I forgot to include any in my online basket when ordering (Pendraken Army packs usually come without them) - so I'll probably have to grab some from their stand at the Derby show in a few weeks.
On another note I've just had the other Douglas Fermer book come through the door from Amazon called 'France at Bay' about the Siege of Paris and other events towards the end of the Franco-Prussian War. If it's anything like his Sedan book, it'll be a stormer.

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