Sunday, 27 January 2013

Napoleonic Russian Infantry 28mm

I finished these last Friday. They are Perry Miniatures 28mm plastic figures (Russian Napoleonic Infantry 1809-1814). I put them together with the 1812 Kiwer and gave the unit some flags I already had from the rear of the Foundry 'Napoleon' rulebook. They were quite easy to assemble coming in only three parts - head, backpack and body. The uniform jackets are just Vallejo Military Green with a highlight, and the trousers are white with a GW Agarax Earthshade wash (or whatever they're calling it these days).

I'm currently reading Dominic Lieven's very fine book "Russia Against Napoleon" which I received for Christmas. Definitely worth picking up as it gives a unique insight into the Russian army at that time and rather debunks some of the Francophile myths concerning the 1812 campaign.


  1. They look great - I like the later kiwer as it makes them look distinctly different from the French bell-topped shakos. Nice work again - looking forward to more troops from the Motherland. Best, Dean

  2. Great looking Russian troops, very nice work on the bases too!

  3. Thanks guys! I've just ordered some Russian Generals from Front Rank so hopefully I'll get those painted and up on the blog soon too.

  4. Very nice work! And I agree with your take on the book, too.