Sunday, 30 September 2012

Early WW1 British Infantry

Ready to go over the top (or possibly over the hedge). As these are all 1914 British Infantry in Service caps, their tussling with the Pickelhaubed Boche primarily took place above ground at this juncture. Trench warfare as we commonly know it in that era began slightly later in the year so much of the fighting was done across fields, canals and through towns and villages. With these new figures I'm hoping to capture something of that and what Lyn MacDonald called "The Year of Hope", and perhaps focus on some games involving Mons, Le Cateau, the Marne etc.
All models are in 20mm scale from Tumbling Dice UK ( They do some awesome army packs, with a great range of WW1 from early to late war.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Early Prussian Fusiliers - 28mm Napoleonic

These chaps are all from the Wargames Foundry discontinued line they were selling off months ago. Not sure if they're being brought back after the re-organisation, but they're nice models. Only a couple of people doing the very early Prussians in 28mm from what I can tell. As you can see there's no standard, but apparently that was typical in this period. Instead I just have a Prussian Dragoon officer painted up differently to go with the unit.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

WW2 Victory Show 2012. Cosby, Leicestershire.

Back from the WW2 Victory Show held at Cosby, in Leicestershire (UK). Saw some stunning vehicles and witnessed a few fantastic aerial displays. The latter of which included a "Dawn Patrol" of nine WW1 bi-planes and tri-planes (both British and German). Seeing them all circling in the sky above you is just jaw-dropping. The British infantry above were entrenched in a wooded area which the public were allowed to walk through and examine. All the re-enactors we spoke to were highly knowledgeable and friendly. The trade stalls were interesting too. Although one or two were very overpriced in regards to their militaria, there were a couple that had some great stuff at bargain prices. The show carries on again tomorrow (Sunday) so if you live nearby and have some free time it's definitely worth your while. More details can be found here:

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Napoleonic Polish ADC - 28mm Command Figure

This is my recently painted Polish ADC courtesy of Front rank miniatures. Technically he's the ADC to the Prince Poniatowski figure I posted photos of a few days ago. The French allies of the Napoleonic period are always interesting, as they give quite a wide scope of different uniforms. I seem to remember getting the colour scheme for the above figure from another Blog. Hence I'm not sure about the historical accuracy, but I really like the sky blue and deep red combination.