Saturday, 12 May 2012

British Napoleonic Foot Artillery 28mm

Theses are the Victrix plastic 28mm British Foot Artillery. I'd been hesitant to start these for a while because of the amount of small parts and gluing involved, plus I managed to break several of the gun carriage chains because they were so brittle. In all honesty I can't see myself purchasing another one for those very reasons. The price is a positive, along with the fact you get the limbers included. They also look ok once painted. I'll definitely buy metal again in future, maybe Perry's as they come in a pack with crew and cannon for around £8.50 each which is not bad.


  1. Your efforts were well rewarded! They look fantastic; and what a goodly amount of figures. Best, Dean

  2. These look wonderful. They look like they were tricky to fix together but well worth the effort. Simon.