Thursday, 4 November 2010

Military Book Shopping on the Cheap!

For convenience, I'd always used Amazon and other online retailers when it came to books. Why trudge the dreary rainsoaked streets of Leicestershire and pay over the odds at Waterstones? However, I've now gone back to the high street after discovering what treasures can be picked up for a pittence at local charity shops! The books in the photo were all gathered from two of these shops over the period of a week, the average price being around £2.50 (even for the hardbacks). I was really pleased to see Richard Holmes 'Redcoat' and Mark Urban 'Rifles' as these were ones I'd normally get over the web at far greater cost. One of the outlets appears to restock the shelves of their military section every couple of days - which suggests they must have an absolute aladdins cave in the back somewhere.

Anyway, if you're ever strapped for cash they're always worth a visit. The best in the UK seem to be War on Want, British Heart Foundation and Oxfam (who take time to place all their titles in specific sections - better than having to wade through mountains of Jilly Cooper novels etc).

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