Friday, 8 October 2010

ACW - Chickamauga Photos.

Last Wednesday was the first time I'd ever wargamed the American Civil War. We used the 'Johnny Reb' rules which I found quite easy to pick up as we went along. The combat was fast...and extremely bloody. I guess that's also an accurate historical reflection. Firepower being the key thing here. The top photo shows Chris' Union men lurking in the woodline to meet our Confederate forces advancing up the road. I was a bit concerned about our starting point because it looked like we were going to be boxed-in from the outset. Our objective being a small crossroads just beyond, I could see Chris holding us quite easily. The second turn only seemed to confirm that as he blasted my artillery train and killed my horses before I could unlimber in the position I wanted. At the same time our left flank was raked with fire inflicting serious casualties. However, we managed to press the centre of his line and also caught a couple of his units with flank fire who were hanging a bit too far forward. The guns, even though stuck a distance back, managed to open up on the treeline and support our units moving forward who also unleashed their first fire at close range (giving us some nice bonus points). It ended with the Union army losing a third of their number and falling back.
Figures are by Battle Honors and Old Glory.

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