Wednesday, 28 April 2021

28mm British Airborne and Late War Germans

I decided to get a couple of my recent projects out on the table and take some photos. I had a big spend at the Warlord HQ store when it reopened and found some great Bolt Action bargains in the sale bin. I also purchased the new British and Canadian starter army and D-Day books.

As I'm between jobs I've been getting lots of painting done and enjoying the good weather in the back garden. My mate Rob gave me half a dozen British Airborne figures and that's where it literally took off. Last time I checked I was closing in on around 80 infantry, along with a recce jeep squadron and both the 6lb and 17lb AT guns.

The hedges and trees in the pics are all by Last Valley, and the buildings are a mix of Sarissa and an Etsy purchase (the latter are not quite as good as Sarissa but they were very cheap at £20 for three buildings, and a quick way to fill up your table with terrain).

I'm looking forward to having some games with these when the club opens again.


  1. Superb pictures, nice details Matt!

  2. Nice looking terrain and figures



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