Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Napoleonic Polish Regiment - 28mm

Front Rank 28mm Napoleonic Polish, along with their White Eagle flag top (also FR). The flag itself came from Maverick Models, which is the same place I bought my Italian standards from. These figures were lovely to paint. I decided on a Vallejo Dark Blue with highlight on the jackets rather than the usual darker Prussian Blue that I used on my French infantry. I've one more unit to paint before the Sunday game and their ultimate (hopefully victorious) destiny!

Monday, 5 November 2012

"Vive L'Empereur" Statue at Les Invalides, Paris

A photo of the Statue entitled "Vive L'Empereur" taken at Les Invalides in Paris. A fantastic statue which depicts a Grenadier waving his bearskin. The plaque nearby stated that it was made sometime in the 1940's. Interesting as this would have been during the period of the occupation. From what I gather the statue has been moved around quite a bit. I've seen web pictures of it when placed in the courtyard and other places. It currently resides on the upper floor overlooking the aforementioned courtyard. Wonder if anyone has considered replicating it as a Wargaming figure? Might be a nice idea?